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CBC/Radio Canada doubles efforts to bring investigative journalism to a digital audience

As many question the future of investigative journalism and public broadcasting in the digital age, the CBC aims to double its efforts to inform audiences across a range of digital and mobile platforms.

SBS launches 24/7 Arabic radio channel

SBS has launched a 12 month trial of SBS Arabic 24, a 24/7 digital radio station and online digital hub delivering the latest in Australian and international news in Arabic

MBC one of the most watched channels in Malawi

The first national survey of ICT habits and access in Malawi has revealed that PMA member, Malawian Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), is one of the most watched and listened to broadcasters in the country Conducted in late 2014, the survey was commissioned by the Malawian Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) and had a sample of 12,000 homes […]

Special Broadcasting Service

Established in 1978, the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is one of two highly valued public broadcasters and one of five free-to-air networks in Australia.

Bangladesh Betar

Bangladesh Betar is Bangladesh’s state-owned radio public broadcaster. It is the only radio station with a national reach – in a country of over 158 million

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada

CBC Radio-Canada is recognised as one of the country’s greatest cultural institutions. A national and bilingual network, CBC is one of the world’s largest PSBs.

Radio New Zealand

Established in 1995 as a crown entity, Radio New Zealand is the only commercial-free public service broadcaster in the country and is a key international broadcaster in the South Pacific.

Tonga Broadcasting Commission

TBC was the first and largest broadcasting station in Tonga, solely owned by the government of Tonga

RJR Communications Group

Jamaica’s RJR Communications Group consists of seven brands operating across a broad range of media platforms. Its raison d’être is to promote positive change through broadcasting