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The Public Media Alliance gathers research papers on public service media and policy from around the world

These papers cover a wide range of topics, such as the mounting challenges faced by TV and radio outlets due to diminishing budgets and converging media, as well as the perennial issues of independence and impartiality.

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Analysis of the Reaction Between & Impact of Public Service Media & Private Media

Date: N/A
Using academic and stakeholder research, this RISJ report explores the relation between public and private media organisations with regard to their political, social and market impact.

The Future of Public Service Broadcasting in Serbia

May 2017
This paper examines the status, role, and main challenges of the reform of the public service broadcasting (PSB) in Serbia.

PSM research websites

Here you will find a number of recommended organisations that specialise in PSM and other relevant media research.

Far-Right Nationalism and Populism in Europe: Assaults on Press Freedom

May 2017
New research from the University of Vienna shows that growing support for far-right groups and populist politicians poses a severe threat to journalism across Europe.

Website: Humanitarian Journalism

The Humanitarian Journalism project is seeking to better understand how the news media report on humanitarian crises and what shapes their coverage.

Gendering War and Peace Reporting

December 2016
Nordicom publication exploring analytic approaches to how traditional war journalism is gendered.