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RNZ is helping develop a new public service social media riding an emerging new wave of Speech Recognition technology.

Following on from this year’s Public Broadcasters International (PBI) conference, PMA contributor and PBI panellist Davor Marko reflects on the key themes, lessons learnt and challenges facing contemporary public media organisations.

A record attendance at this year’s IBC, with more than 57,000 people visiting the annual broadcast show in Amsterdam, reflects the unprecedented period of change facing the industry.

Choosing the right technology solution is only part of the recipe for ensuring a successful technology project. The real challenges – and potential for failure – begin once implementation is underway.

The media industry is littered with failed technology projects. For every high-profile disaster there are hundreds of other well-intentioned projects that never quite delivered on their original promise.

Emergency coverage by CCN TV6 broadcast journalist highlights key role social media can play in natural disaster reporting.

In this fascinating blog Dr. Martin Scott explores the dilemmas of reporting on suffering and why some instances of human suffering are reported, and other are not.

Stewart Purvis reflects on recent changes to a traditional evening news slot at UK broadcaster ITV and what it might tell us about audience preferences in the digital age.

Last month, Craig Hammer opened the Public Media Alliance (PMA) global conference in Montreal with a speech about the importance of public media in our world.

With the recent changes in government, public service media in Brazil is constantly under pressure.

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