What we do

Image: Alan Peebles

The Public Media Alliance exists to support public broadcasters and integrated digital media organisations with a public service remit. Our focus is the shared public media space.

The provision of such a space – that is trusted, independent and credible – via broadcast, digital or internet platforms is a central pillar of public service broadcasting/media. And the PMA provides a key forum for exchange of views, ideas and experiences of key thinkers, decision-makers, practitioners, senior managers and academics working in the field of PSB/M internationally.

We are the only global membership organisation to focus specifically on PSM, with all members – regardless of their nation’s size or location – having full and equal membership. But PSM around the world is facing huge challenges, most notably, diminishing funding and the effects of digital convergence. However PSMs are often best placed to act as a vital trusted source of information in a competitive and sometimes distorted media space.

We work to identify, research and champion common themes in PSM and provide forums for debate and networking. We also act as a bridge between the academic and public debate around PSM and its changing role. We do this practically through running training, symposiums, exchange programmes, publishing research and reviewing the research of others. We are also working to create appropriate benchmarks for PSM.