The Public Media Alliance started life as the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA), founded in February 1945 at an event called the Commonwealth Broadcasting Conference.

Held in London, the inaugural conference brought together representatives from several broadcasters that had cooperated closely in reporting World War II.

The CBA began with six members, and by 1974 had adopted a charter, and the membership met every two years in different parts of the Commonwealth. Membership was restricted to public service broadcasters in Commonwealth countries, but in 1995 it was broadened to allow commercial companies with a PSB commitment and PSBs from countries outside the Commonwealth to join as affiliates.

In 2014, the membership of the CBA unanimously voted for the organisation to become known as the Public Media Alliance, and to allow full and equal membership of PSBs from any country in the world.

Past Presidents

Laurent Picard, 1974-1975
President, CBC Canada
Sir Talbot Duckmanton, 1975-1982
General Manager, ABC Australia
George Bako, 1982-1984
Director-General, FRCN Nigeria
Alasdair Milne, 1984-1987
Director-General, BBC
Sir Michael Checkland, 1987-1988
Director-General, BBC
Cheung Man Yee, 1988-1992
Director of Broadcasting, RTHK Hong Kong
Mohammed Ibrahim, 1992 -1995
Director-General, NTA Nigeria
Shashi Kant Kapoor, 1995-1996
Director-General, All India Radio
Dato’ Jaafar Kamin, 1996-1998
Director-General, RTM Malaysia
Govin Reddy, 1998
DGCE, SABC South Africa
George Valarino, 1998-2000 & 2001-2006
General Manager, GBC Gibraltar
Robert Emmett O’Reilly, 2000-2001
Executive Director, RCI and Int’l Relations, CBC Canada
Abubakar Jijiwa, 2006-2010
Director-General, Voice of Nigeria
Moneeza Hashmi, 2010-2016
International Relations, Hum

Past Secretary-Generals

Alva Clarke, 1970-1992
Stuart Revill, 1992-1994
Elizabeth Smith, 1994-2010