#sH2Orts – The Future of Water

We are delighted and proud to launch 4 brilliant and diverse global films on ‘The Future of Water’.

Each film tells a unique, powerful and hopeful story about inspirational people across the world, who are taking the future of water into their own hands.

All four films are available (rights free) to PMA members.

The films were produced as part of a global sH2Orts film competition, with the aim of documenting the future of water and our relationship with it. Funding was provided by the Public Media Alliance in partnership with international development charity WaterAid.

Place of Sweet Waters

Cape Town has been in the midst of its worst drought in two decades.

Yet millions of litres of naturally occurring fresh water run under the city’s streets, to be dumped straight into the sea, every day. This film aims to raise awareness of this neglected desperately needed resource, in the hope that it might be reclaimed to help sustain the city’s booming and increasingly water-stressed, population.

A film by Sven Harding

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Blanketed Snows

‘Blanketed Snows’ takes place on the slopes of Armenia’s Mount Aragats.

The film is about the exciting, dangerous and joyous ups and downs of a scientific project trying to give Armenia and other mountainous countries clean, drinkable water all year round.

A film by Vardan Hovhannisyan & Inna Sahakyan

Automatic Tubig Machine

This short documentary is set in Sison, Pangasinan, a hilly farming town in the Philippines.

In order to efficiently distribute water to its residents, the local government has invested in an innovative technology known as Automatic Tubig Machines (ATM). The technology enables residents to use their ATM cards to draw out clean water from communal water stations for drinking, cooking and washing.

A film by Giselle Santos

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The Hoist

‘The Hoist’ is set in Sierra Leone, where inadequate access to safe water is a major crisis – only 57% of the population has access to safe drinking water.

This documentary follows 19-year-old Khadija, who has invented an ‘electric hoist system’, which replaces the hand-drawn rope and bucket with a motorised system.

A film by Ibrahim S Kamara

For further information or enquiries on how to acquire these brilliant short films, please contact PMA’s Content Manager Marion Simpson – marion@publicmediaalliance.org